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Friday, July 22, 2011

There are pies, and then there are pies
DC Larson

By this moment, all have heard about it: Rupert Murdoch, testifying before Parliment, unceremoniously decorated with a shaving-foam pie. It's been the topic of hard infotainment chatter --assailed by some, cheered by others.

From a tactical standpoint, it was counterproductive. It shifted focus from larger and more substantial matters, making Murdoch a sympathetic figure (for some), casting his wife Wendi as heroic defender, and giving the Fox friends something else about which to fill airwaves.

Remember, though, we're dealing here with people who've amassed international fortunes from manipulating images, constructing "realities," channeling public sentiment, and choreographing photo ops to arouse desired emotions. It's what they do and they're quite good at it. They know well its effectiveness.

Behind that, is it really hard to conceive of Team Murdoch, their characteristic Jolly Roger a-flap in the political-press current, contriving the attack? After all, the wizened, media baron bullfrog couldn't have hoped for more felicitous results. Yes, critics and investigators continue to hound him. But he has melted some hearts.

Now, it is true that the simplest answer is often the correct one. And perhaps it was just as it appeared: an unknown comic, seeking the front page-moment's luster, uncaring as to circumstances or his shenanigan's impact on weighty issues.

But maybe -- just maybe -- we've all been played again. Duped onlookers to the latest example of news media diversion, Rupert Murdoch style.


Monday, July 18, 2011

"Night Prowler" (self)

DC Larson

"Hot Rod" Walt Richards found it -- the all-important, pulsating energy center that is the heart of all joyous and free-for-all rockabilly; that wondrous and maddeningly-elusive-to-pretenders union of passion and sneer, switchblade and grope, flame and deliverance. It could be heard, yes, on earlier releases like "Supercharger." But its been cultivated further still for this all-originals declaration of fracture intent. The toxic-tipped sideburn swagger. The jumped-up, affable obstreporousness. All out on this rebel hardwood, dancing in carbonated euphoria. Small wonder Walt and thrill-bent compadres the uber-aggressive Paul "Stubbs" Diffin and punk sparkplug Steve "Burnout" Barnett have established themselves as festival must-sees.

Recommended "Victory Curls," "Better Man," "Burn Baby Burn," "Chopped Down and Hopped Up"
"Victory Curls," live

Friday, July 8, 2011

DVD: JUDAS AND JESUS (Inkarnatoons)

DC Larson

Edge-dancing auteurs Olaf Encke and Claudia Romero grind into satiating union taboo whimsy and intellectual adventurism, the scarlet storytelling crafting images of a fleshly past clerical sorts doubtless would find abhorrant -- but would probably secretly dig. The artwork is marvelously rendered -- colors, figures, and shadows loom with declarative presence. Too, the writing is of a markedly superior caliber. (Additional plus: a rocking soundtrack that features the Meteors, P. Paul solo, Crazy Cavan, and Moe Jaksch.) A headlong and hobnail-booted thrill-jaunt up into a saucily-splayed good/bad intimate realm.

(Note: This wickedly funny and rocked-out treatise is playable only on PAL-formated players.)

"Judas and Jesus" comprises the film itself, running some 15 minutes; optional comments (in English, German, French, and Spanish); a gallery; 15 minute storyboard; 15 minute layout; and 15 minute "ruff animation."

Corresponding with Olaf by email, I raised the point of the impressive intellectual heft apparent between shards of scandalous hilarity.

"Unfortunately there exists a scholarly or school masterly part in my personality," Olaf responded. "(Just like in our Jesus!) I tried to get rid of it, but it kept coming back. So I made a preachy kind of film with a strong message, but it is preaching immorality. Hee hee.

"Don't forget to have a look at the commentaries on the extras of the DVD. They explain a lot of what it is all about except the entertainment."

Olaf Encke, inkarnatoons:

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