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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buzz Campbell
"Shivers & Shakes" (self)

DC Larson

I've followed Buzz's ear-arresting endeavors through much: Hot Rod Lincoln, Lee Rocker, Sha Na Na, and solo turns. His loud and strapping guitar, with which he handily revs roots bents into modern-cat style, could conquer single-handedly. But it doesn't have to: tower-tumbling standup and drums -- plus Buzz's own vocal pipes-of-persuasion and razory writing pen -- dispatch juking listeners all into the Fracture Zone. Of course, critical praise is a poor stand-in for listening.

Recommended "Rawk-A-Billy Fever," "Scot Mo," "Rockabilly Heart," "Crazy When She Drinks"!/buzzhotrod
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video, "Scotmo" at Revival Festival (Austin) 2010: