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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dex Romweber Duo
"Is That You In the Blue?" (Bloodshot)

DC Larson

Only from within the demonstrative Dex dimension can one best appreciate its duality. Ethereal, echoed intonings, voodoo-pulse toms, "kitchenware" that rattle-clanks like skeleton-rib percussion, and striking word-murals tear back the curtain hiding strange terrains most oft untrod. At once, though, Dex and Sister Sara vent uber-sized, the gutter-blast blusterings and fraught guitar rampages seized up from a familiar and lava-loved rock'n'roll cauldron. It seems our 'real world' and a funhouse zone more shadowy and tilted were as one, all along. No one gets out. No one desires to.

Recommended "Jungle Drums," "The Death of Me," "Midnight Sun," "Brazil," "Climb Down," "Is That You In the Blue?"
VIDEO: "Jungle Drums"