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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Black Pussy
"On Blond"
DC Larson

A nimbus-planed soaring wah wah-rocketship, tricked out with all the fun-cool of early '70s sub-cult-in-the-sun young narratives audacious and daring to be actual. Not some benign time capsule, but an exhuming of that sparkly moment's salvational vibe -- with steadily-pumped today swerve.

Recommended "Marijuana," "Can't Take Any More," "Blow Some Steam Off"

Red Hill Ramblers
Getting By (Spine PunchMusic)

DC Larson

This rough-and-tumble threesome wisely mixes the time-tested teachings of 'billies before (traditional and generally easygoing bop) with a modern, serrated blade-edge. Just as listeners are digging smooth grooves, up jumps a howling proclaimer. And that's when you know something serious came in from the back alley to prowl the hardwood. Fireplug guitarist/singer Steve and double bass-beatin' Mike Mallon, and hard-wired drummer Joe Covell have much of which to be proud.

Recommended "Jaded," "Pink Slips," "Hot Rod For Sale," "Look Out"


VIDEO "Hot Rod For Sale" (live)