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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Brains
"Drunk Not Dead" (Stomp)

"Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the El Diablo Coliseum, here in the spectacular 5th layer of Hell! Tonight's bout is for the Super Heavyweight Championship of the Underworld!" (From "We Are the Brains")

The Brains will never be crowned Canada's official cultural representatives (though legions of rip-n-stitch wreckers would doubtless heft them unto exactly such distinction). Swaggering, mohawked, and distemperous - demolition chords hustled aboard an amphetemine rocket - this psycho triad spews defiantly exultant outsider rage-psalms with towerblock amps on angry 11. Their chosen boneyard-playground stares up from shattered mirror-shards somewhere betwixt the Meteors and Mad Sin; they share the former's predilection for netherworld narratives, and the latter's careening style. Damnation sounds like fun.
"Never in all my years in this business have I witnessed a bloodbath of this magnitude! Two titans clashing, not only for eternal glory - but for their very souls!"

- DC Larson