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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hot Rod Walt
and the Psycho Devilles
"Rockabilly Rodeo" (self)
The present author fears that there may be no way to state this truth without its seeming a coincidental slight of bassist Burford T. Ogletree and drummer Steve "Burnout" Barnett -- though such is not my intention, illegitimate as it would plainly be -- but this is guitarist/singer/songwriter Walt Richard's show. And a fierce, strapping, and good-naturedly sprawling affair it is. Have you ever heard a powerhouse galloping? This here one does.
RECOMMENDED "Ton Up," "My Guitar Saved Me," "Made of Me," "Being Home Again" "Cursed Be the Moon," "Bar Fight"
"Ton Up" official video, Cafe Racer TV theme:
Jinx Jones
"Rip and Run" (Home Braend)
Already famed as a breath-stealing fretboard adventurer both encyclopedic and devastating, Texan Jinx has again ascended o'er previous successes. The best part: Whereas another might take broadening capacities to assay styles more sanctified by clef-note gray-beards, Jinx stays put in the rockabilly/country mileau -- though he does unburden himself of jazz flairings aplenty. And the groove will not be ignored.
RECOMMENDED: "Redneck Barbie," "On Parole and Out of Control," "Never Live It Down," "Hot Rod Heartbreaker," "Prairie Dog Daddy," "What Makes You Think I'm So Lonesome?"
"Redneck Barbie" performance clip:
Royal Crowns
"Volume Three" (self)
Each marvelous, indispensible factor looms in abundance. The tunecraft is unerring, the instrumental dispatch of first-chair character. Neo-rockabilly definitude compels all in ear-range toward hardwood. Canada's august boppin' cats in killer form. A hale marshalling of beats lively, pensive, and pick-'em'-up, put-'em-down inspirational.
RECOMMENDED "Butterball Baby," "Don't Seem Quite Right," "Heavy Heavy Baby," "You Got It, and I Want It," "End Run," "Lady Pomp Gal," "Cry Cry Baby"
"Heavy Heavy Baby" performance clip: