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Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Now Now Now" (Honey Bucket Records)
Alt-country threw a roadhouse party with pop-rock. The only "designated driver" needed was a confident rhythm section (David Serby and Dale Daniel) that knew the road. J.W. Surge/Mike Jacoby harmonies, and Mike 's own nimbly-picked, hand-tooled six-string articulations, brought the fun. And songcraft by J.W. and Mike shone all night. 
"We write songs and record them and play them for people in bars," J.W. explains. "We see it as the highest calling – entertaining people in a bar when they’re blowing off steam from a hard week at work. We take that responsibility seriously and do our best to give them full-frontal Haymaker.”
Recommended "Now Now Now," "Stomp the Gas," "Marisol," "Different Girl"

VIDEO CLIP: "Different Girl"