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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Danny B. Harvey - "Down In Texas" (Lanark Records)
(Lanark digital-only single)

DBH is simply one of the most amazing rootsy fret-men now prowling. This original, nitro-gassed instrumental allows him all room needed to work out jaw-dropping flashes, acrobatic runs, bent-treble navigations, and tempestuous expostulations. To the rhythm born, and with a flair all his own.

Video: Guitar Player magazine 2007 Guitar Hero competition

Burli-Q's "Shake It"
(Lanark digital-only single)

Pensive, stalking, darkly ambient. So adept are these masters of the manipulated note that in their measured manner they state formidable vigor with cool confidence and class sans pareil.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Linda Gail Lewis
"Hard Rockin' Woman" (Lanark)

Linda Gail's pert twang and allure combine as commanding center as all around her swings and storms. Lucky listeners find themselves at the dancefloor nexus of spirited bop and old-ways country ambling. When a rock'n'roll freight this big ticket races past the station, all one can do is grab hold and enjoy the ride.

Wisely, Linda Gail has surrounded herself with players of such merit that their efforts gild further. Included are Danny B. Harvey and Quentin Jones, guitarists of such resource that their names bespeak high significance. 

Recommended "Sure Does Help," "What Can I Do?" "Little Baby Rock," "And Now I Win," "Linda Gail Blues," "Battle Win the Bottle"

VIDEO "Go Johnny Go" (non-LP)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene 
"Let's Do This Thing" (Wipe It Off! Records)

Not soulless, accommodatingly contemporary, processed product geared toward make-everybody-happy Holiday Inn crowds who demand that the "wildness" be calculated and parceled out, but old-school rock'n'roll that shouts its human condition testimonies in tongues wonderful and diverse: garage obstreperousness, rockabilly boppin', jumped-up blues, pointy-toe soul slideaway. Confidence-to-kill playing suits the whipcrack vibe. This fun skirts dangerousness, but that's OK - it's on our side.

Recommended "Let's Do This Thing," "Acapulco Bay," "Follow Me," "Motor Vixen From Hell," "Steppin' Out"

Video "Let's Do This Thing"