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Monday, November 9, 2015

"Perfect For Parties, Vol. 3" (Rhythm Bomb Records)

How to spend Friday night at home without really staying home?

After throwing this onto his disc player, he fell into an over-stuffed chair and took a healthy pull on his whiskey. Easing back, he closed his eyes...

The dim club was bursting with action. Couples whirled everywhere. Rockin' and jumpin' sounds blared all around. His jet pomp towered. His razor-shave was impeccable. An iridescent, navy blue sharkskin suit, set off by skinny black tie and pointy-toed two-tones, marked him as the classiest act in the dim club. He arched an eyebrow, ordered a swinging cocktail, and crooked a finger. In a flash, a leggy and bouffanted blonde was all over him.

He shifted in the chair, feeling good, as the music rolled on...  

Recommended "Roots Man" (Levi Dexter), "When I'm Gone" (Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes), "Mad and Blue" (Roy Kay Trio), "Demons Mess You Up" (Hank's Jalopy), "Mary Lou" (Rusty Pinto) "Lotsa Rhythm" (Gone Hepsville)

VIDEO "Roots Man" Levi Dexter (live)