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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


"My favorite chapters in this book are the ones on Bettie Page and the one on the author's late brother Rick, a guitarist and all-around roots musician in their native Iowa and surrounding region nearly all of his life

"...One thing crystal clear is that DC Larson is one of us: he has a passion for the music that we love, and doesn't have tunnel vision about it -- he loves a wide variety of America Roots Music, and the culture that surrounds it. He's written about a spectrum of artists from Elvis, Paul Burlison, and Ray Campi to Dale Watson and Wayne Hancock, and rockabillies like Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding, Hillbilly Casino, Nick Curran, and Jinx Jones.

"His final essay, 'Rock'n'Roll Will Stand,' is something on which we can all agree, but his own perspective and research fleshes out the idea with some interesting anti-Rock'n'Roll quotes you may or may not have encountered before."
- Marc Bristol / Blue Suede News, issue 112 (summer 2017)